Latest Release June 2021

Elias 3.3 and more...

Have a look at the new update for Elias 3, the public beta release for Project Harmony and our brand new demo game The Theater!

Adaptive game music with Elias Studio 3

Create Amazing Adaptive Game Soundtracks with Our Creative Tools for Composers

Project Harmony - The future of game audio

100% real time, visual scripting and engine agnostic. Have a look at our intuitive sound engine. Public beta available now!

Other Services

Need more resources for Elias?

We have a variety of instruments that have been optimized for use in games. We also offer a wide range of ready-to-use, royalty-free soundtracks for you to use in your games, or as temp music while you search for the right composer.

Avalanche Studios Group
Arrowhead Games
Hazelight Studios
The Bearded Ladies
Deviation Games

Some of our clients

We are proud to have leading game studios as clients. Discover some of the games using Elias software in action below.

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