Elias 3.1 is Out Now

This is a maintenance release of the Elias Studio, Elias DevKit and Elias Sampler. The focus for the release has been on performance and stability improvements. Log in to download the updates.

Elias DevKit – SDK

• Fix for smart transitions where the transitions sometimes took a long time to complete.
• Many new functions relating to generators and the SFZ sample player.
• Support for voice stealing in the SFZ sample player.
• Performance optimizations.
• Minor bugfixes.

Elias DevKit – Unreal and Unity Plugins

• Significant performance optimizations in the audio output rendering process.

Elias Studio

• Fixed an issue which caused loud noise to be rendered when starting playback at level 0.
• Better folder creation when exporting a project.
• Minor GUI enhancements.

Elias Sampler Alpha

Note that Elias Sampler is still an alpha version.
• This version contains functionality improvements and performance enhancements.

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