Elias 3.1.1 Release

This is a maintenance release of the Elias Studio, Elias DevKit and Elias Sampler.
This release brings some new features as well as performance and stability improvements.
With this release we also update the Tiny Band and release the brand new Elias Keys 1

Release 3.1.1

Elias DevKit SDK

  • There is now an event flag which makes the engine wait for all prior events to complete before proceeding.
  • Soft voice stealing is now available. The algorithm smoothly fades out SFZ voices when a certain threshold is reached. This algorithm is optional but is very useful in performance constrained environments.
  • It is now possible to retrieve additional diagnostic information from the engine when an error occurs.
  • Significant performance improvements in the engine (especially when playing large SFZ patches).

Elias DevKit Unreal and Unity Plugins

  • Minor performance improvements.

Elias Studio

  • Possible to set default values for transition settings on project level.
  • A new view for transition settings on project level and theme level.
  • Economize function is now available for excluding unused sampler audio files during project export.
  • There is now support for automatically and manually locating missing files after copying or moving a project.
  • The buffer size used by the engine is now configurable in the user interface.
  • There is now support for 24-bit audio files in the wave to ogg conversion process.
  • “Set Level” events will now allow for the events playing in sequence and not interrupt each other.
  • Minor GUI enhancements.

Elias Sampler Alpha

Note that Elias Sampler is still an alpha version.
  • This version has some functionality and performance enhancements and contains support for the new set of Elias sample libraries.

Elias Tiny Band 1.2

  • Updates on Organ patches so the lowest volume still sounds
  • New Green Synth”-patches with monophonic legato
  • New preview patch from the library Drum machines”

Elias Keys 1

This library consists of samples & patches from three of the most iconic keyboard instruments from the 70’s.
  • Electric Grand
  • Electric Piano
  • Tonewheel Organ

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