How to setup MIDI in your Elias 3 project

If you are familiar with the basics of Elias 3, and have worked with audio, the step to work with MIDI is very, very small. We keep the same basic structure but with MIDI being read instead of pre-rendered audio files. 

See how it is done in this video

MIDI tracks take MIDI files instead of audio files and connect to generators that can hold 16 instruments (or patches as we call them) per generator. Use as many generators and instruments as you need, but consider that the limitations are depending on platforms and the amount of space and resources you are allowed to use for your game. You might not always be able to use a full orchestral setup, but in some projects it is surely fiecable!

You then simply select on each MIDI track what instrument it should use by choosing a generator and a midi channel.

When working with MIDI you have an opportunity to experiment with the arrangements within the Elias 3 projects in some different ways. You could for example change the instrumentation very easily and see how it sounds like if you for example let the woodwind section play what you have initially intended the strings section to play.

You can also of course reuse the same MIDI files on different tracks and have a flute play a melody line on one level and then the violins playing that same file on a different level. Or why not layer the two and have them playing in unison to make the sound richer? So here you can expand on your arrangement and make new discoveries that will make the whole arrangement even more diverse and flexible.

What is also great when you use MIDI is that you don’t need to lock your decision on an exakt tempo when you export the arrangement from the DAW. You can simply change the tempo in theme settings after you tried it out in your game.

Earlier we talked about how MIDI is a great tool when you want to make a smaller impact on storage space, but it has so many other purposes as well. The creative impact it can have can be a boost to your workflow and arranging skills, but one of our personal favorites is that we will never hear a crossfade! Your soundtrack will be as natural as a real live performance and this is a game changer when it comes to adaptive game music.

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