“We need Elias with this, it’s a package deal at this point”: How Chase Bethea integrates Elias Software into his projects

Music Composer and Creative Audio Designer Chase Bethea has shipped more than 21 titles across multiple platforms throughout his career. And while each game ranges in style and scope, a common thread in most is the inclusion of Elias Software in their development. 

Today, Bethea is busy flexing his creative muscles on Hey Pops!, a VR project for Klexos Interactive. 

“It’s a VR game about two grandchildren trying to discover the mystery of their vanishing grandfather called Pops,” Bethea said.

“Pops was a world-renowned magician, and he disappeared after one of his final performances for years. And so, they are trying to solve the mystery of what’s going on. So it takes the two grandchildren through the time periods of his life, things that he dealt with, and everything up to the point of when he has vanished. So they go through different eras of the 20s, 50s, 70s and all the way up to the children’s time in the 90s.”

Learning about Elias Software at events like GDC and Gamescom sparked his curiosity about the program, but it wasn’t until creating a demo for Potions Please by Nix Hydra that he realized the potential of Elias.

“I knew that I wanted to make more interactive music, I wanted to give the player more, I wanted to experience more than what it can be offered,” Bethea said.

“So I learned the demo within like 10 minutes enough to show them this is what they want, but here is how we can do more with it. They loved it, and since then, I’ve been integrating Elias into every project. I come along saying, we need Elias with this. It’s a package deal at this point”.

While experienced with other music and sound programs available today, according to Bethea it’s Elias Software’s interface that makes it stand out from the rest.

“I felt that because I was able to watch some tutorials to learn a little bit and then do a demo within like 10 minutes to get something up and running, which I haven’t been able to do with any other software, it was really great for me,” Bethea said.

“I understood what it was supposed to do very fast, which is important to me as a composer, especially a video game composer, because I have to relay that to the developers. They can’t do that for me. I have to present that and say, this is how it works. They are relying and counting on me. And if it’s not easy for them, it’s not going to be a selling point for them. So I felt that Elias did a tremendous job of the iterative process of their versions to get it to get to where it is today.

With the help of Elias Software, Bethea is approaching this project in the same way as his other non-VR games. With no limits on what can be done.

“I like to tap into the imagination that I would have as a child,” Bethea said.

“We’re not going to think about the limitations. We’re going to think about what if? Why can’t you? And we will. And going down that road. And if it can’t work, then try to come up with solutions to make it happen.“

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