Elias 3 Beta 4, Sample Libraries and Ready-to-Use Game Soundtracks

Elias 3 Beta 4 is Now Available

A new Beta of the next version of Elias is ready to try. If you have downloaded it previously, the update is available in your account. New users can get the Beta here.

NEW – Sample Libraries from Indiginus

We are proud to announce the first release of third party sound libraries. First out are two guitar libraries by Indiginus: Renaxxance Exprexxive Nylon String Guitar and The Resonator. These libraries have been modified and optimized specifically for use in Elias, with minimal sample sizes to meet the needs of mobile games developers. Download the Elias VST Sampler (free) and get these amazing sample libraries today!

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NEW – Ready-to-Use Adaptive Game Soundtracks

Do you have a fantastic game and need the perfect soundtrack to go with it? Is your favorite composer unavailable or does the budget prohibit you from getting bespoke music? We think that all games deserve a great soundtrack, and we are now offering adaptive game soundtracks complete with stingers and pre-configured transition settings that you can integrate with ease.

We are offering a variety of styles, ranging from classical music to chiptunes, and we will continuously keep adding more soundtracks.

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