Release Announcement: ELIAS 1.6

Today we are proud to announce the release of the ELIAS Music Engine and ELIAS Composer’s Studio v 1.6. This latest version delivers new features targeted at further fine-tuning the customisation options already present in the engine. This update also applies to the ELIAS Unity plugin so users will need to download the latest version. […]

What is a ‘Theme’?

The ELIAS Theme library is an extensive collection of professionally composed music that is constantly expanding yet many of you might be wondering what exactly is a “theme”? What makes an ELIAS theme different from a standard music loop and why should I start using themes in my games? Since ELIAS is a multichannel system, […]

New Unity Plugin now available

An updated Unity plugin for Windows and Mac is now available for download. Version 1.1: Added a visual interface which simplifies the process of importing and configuring themes. Added an example scene which demonstrates how ELIAS may be integrated into a game. Fixed a bug in the binding that caused problems on Mac. Fixed some resource leaks. […]

New Themes Available

It’s Theme Thursday! We’re starting a tradition – starting today new Elias themes will be released every Thursday. This week we give you three fantastic themes, which are available for purchase here.   Beyond the Event Horizon Composer: Martin Barreby You’re alone on a vessel hurtling through the endless void of space, light-years away from home. Looking […]