Elias Essential Orchestra


Total download size: 17 GB


Before the compact disc entered games MIDI was widely used due to the superior adaptiveness over audio. When audio completely took over, we entered “the dark ages” of adaptive game music. With Elias you can finally have adaptive game music again; this time with real audio. Nevertheless, MIDI will always be more adaptive than audio, so the aim for for us at Elias was to solve two problems with MIDI:

  1.     The licensing of sound banks.
  2.     The inadequate sound quality compared to audio.

The two above are solved. A license with Elias will cover all licensing for use of the sounds in a game, and having the best sound providers on board makes the MIDI tracks sound as good as the audio tracks.

The Elias Essential Orchestra is the only virtual orchestra for game music. All composers around the world are using virtual orchestras, but the problem is that the sounds are converted to static audio tracks when mixing. With the Elias Essential Orchestra, you can keep the flexibility and adaptiveness the whole way into the living room of the gamers. For the first time in history you can experience live adaptive game music with a whole symphonic orchestra that cuts no corners when it comes to quality.

To provide our customers with the best orchestral sounds available, we are proud to say we teamed up with Orchestral Tools. Orchestral Tools is without a doubt the premium brand when it comes to high quality orchestral sampling. Their well known Berlin Series is a standard tool for film and media composers around the world, and it has been used in countless Hollywood productions.

With the Metropolis Ark Series they created an incomparably efficient implementation for epic music. All Orchestral Tools collections have been recorded in the famous Teldex Studio Berlin with uncompromising recording techniques. A perfectly balanced room to stay flexible for any kind of production.

Orchestral Tools assembled the Elias Essential Orchestra from their repertoire exclusively for the Elias Sampler. A powerful collection of well thought out orchestral patches – A whole orchestra at your fingertips.

With the Elias Essential Orchestra we provide your new standard tool when it comes to adaptive game music.

Find all articulations of the collection in the Articulation List.

Visit Orchestral Tools »

Articulation List

All patches are available in the mic positions close and tree.

Brass, Strings & Woodwinds

Legato Sustain Spiccato Staccato Tremolo Pizzicato
Horn Ensemble
Trumpet Ensemble
Bass Trombone
Trombone Ensemble
String Ensemble
Violins I
Violins II
Piccolo Flute
English Horn
Clarinet Ensemble
Bass Clarinet


Single hits Rolls Sustains True Damping Glisses
Bass Drum 34”
Field Drum 34”
Majestic Pro 14”
Tenor Drum 16”
Tom 14”
Tom 16”
Bongo Set
Zildjian 16”
Meinl 18”
Piatti 15”
Temple blocks
Tubular Bells
Epic Percussion


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