Elias Instruments Starter Pack


Tiny size, huge sound.


Elias Instruments Starter Pack is a library suited for mobile devices or other projects that need very small instruments. Although Elias has an economize function to make the sounds even smaller and even if you use ogg in most games, these sounds are made to have as small impact on the memory as possible.

Elias Instruments Starter Pack consists of:

Electric Bass

Six patches with different playing styles (fingers, pick, slap & fretless) with an average memory size of 3 mb (wav 16 bit/44,1 khz). These patches will easily go down to 200 kb with ogg vorbis and Elias economizer function but don’t let that fool you: These basses sound awesome and will fit great in any mix without sounding cheap. They are very carefully sampled with real playability in mind.

ML Drum Kit

An allround drum kit that will fit most genres. It weighs in at 14,8 mb uncompressed wave 16 bit/44,1 khz.

ML Grand Piano

A wonderful grand piano from Lennart Eng’s Mar-Len Studio. Despite the small size in mb, (16,7 mb wave 16 bit/44,1 khz) it still feels warmer and more intimate than a lot of pianos out there. Imagine having hours of piano music adaptive for your game at 2mb of space requirement when economizing and converting this patch to ogg vorbis. The possibilities are endless.

More Instruments from Mar-Len Studio

5 Tonewheel Organs with true legato percussion and click. Average size: 3 mb wav 16/44,1.
6 analog synth patches from a monster from the 70s.
10 FM synth patches (“Green”) from a really funky 80s FM synth.

Elias Strings

This is not only a preview of things to come: It is, in my opinion, three wonderful, small and really usable string patches. Slow, Spiccato and FX played by some of the finest string players in Stockholm in the first of many session to come at Elias.

Other Instruments

The church organ from the chapel of Färila. The story behind this nasty but still warm and tiny little organ is that it has been sampled through 4 different samplers over the years to finally end up here. This is normally not the way to go about it, but in this case every sampler has added a flavor to it, so the result is truly unique.

More tiny synth patches. Example: Tiny EP 73kb 16/44,1 wave!!!

Classic Snare Preview

This is a preview of one mike position (out of three) of the Classic Snare of  Elias Percussion 1. This library cuts no corners on quality. Elias percussion is made to be the best percussion you can get but still being usable adaptively in games. All snares are recorded in three mic positions and nine to ten velocity layers with three round robins. Classic Snare is just a small glimpse of how one of those mike positions could sound. For more information check out Elias Percussion.

Elias Drum Machines Preview – MP Drums

“MP Drums” is the sound of a Japanese analog classic monophonic & polyphonic synth, turned into an “in your face” drum sound. This and other drum machines are available in the Elias Percussion instrument library.


Elias Instruments Starter Pack is free for all Elias users and will grow continuously with more small usable sounds for your Elias compositions. We will gladly hear your thoughts on what instruments you think should be in the library.

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