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Elias Percussion is made for the Elias adaptive music system and works in Elias Engine, Elias Studio and Elias Sampler. This library is the start of a project to bring high-end percussion samples to the adaptive music world. We cut no corners making this library and since Elias has great economizer functionality, this library will work even in very small sized games for mobile etc.

The Instruments

The Relayer Studios recordings

Producer & Percussionist 2 – Kristofer Eng

Percussionist 1 – Martin Barreby

Engineer – Per Hallman

Patch builder – Martin Barreby

The Ultimate Snare Collection

  • Classic Snare & Classic Snare Mute. Close, Overhead & three mic positions.
    This is a classic allround snare drum that will most likely be the go-to snare for most projects.
  • Modern Snare & Modern Snare Mute. Close, Overhead and three mic positions.

A much darker low-end snare. A perfect complement to the classic snare for giving that low end to the ensemble.

  • Piccolo Snare & Piccolo Snare Mute. Close, Overhead and three mic positions.

The perfect edge in the ensemble, but a fine standalone snare with details out of the ordinary.

  • Piccolo Hi & Piccolo Hi Mute. Close, Overhead and three mic positions.
    You can’t get more edge and nearness than this. Almost a mixture of a classic piccolo and a Scottish march snare.


  • The drumkit is a well balanced kit to fit all styles & genres. Recorded in the same studio as the snares with the same mikes so it will blend perfectly with any of the snares.  The drumkit uses the same snares as the stand alone snare drums, so it is important to keep the file structure inside the Elias Percussion folder as it is.

Various percussion recorded at Relayer Studios

  • Big and small Djembe played with hands.
  • Darbouka with hand and sticks.
  • Req, tambourine, shakers and agogo spaced out over the keys to make it possible to play “shaken” versions.

The Royal Concert Hall rehearsal room recordings

Producer and engineer – Kristofer Eng

Percussionist – Daniel Kåse

Patch builder – Martin Barreby

  • Bass Drum

From classic Gran Casa to experimental sounds. Use the lowest notes with caution! It doesn’t get any lower than this and some speakers might have slight problems with some of the notes.

  • Bowed Metals

Various bowed metals.

  • Metal & Cans

Tonal & unpitched metal percussion.

  • Thunder Plate & China

Everything you could possible do with thunder plates and china cymbal.

  • Tuned Cowbells

Bowed tuned cowbells.

  • Waterphone

In our opinion – The definitive Waterphone collection

  • Misc Percussion

Various Percussion


  • The Barn

Impossible to describe. A joy to experience!

Analog Machines (Relayer Studios)

Producer – Kristofer Eng

Engineer – Per Hallman

Patch Builder – Martin Barreby & Kristofer Eng

  • “MM Drums” is sounds from the most iconic analog synths turned into an extremely rich and warm drum machine.
  • “MP Drums” is the sound of a Japanese analog classic monophonic & polyphonic synth, turned into “in your face” drum sounds.
  • “CS Drums” is another Japanese classic. This time in the shape of thin but warm percussion sounds.
  • “RX Drums” gives you that instant 80s/90s sound at your fingertips.
  • “Brutal Drums” is the modern approach to analog drums and percussion.

Chiptunes Percussion & Synth

Producer and Engineer – Martin Barreby

Patch Builder – Martin Barreby

  • CT Percussion – Unmistakable sound of 8-bit console 
  • CT Pulse & Triangle – various synth patches perfect for chiptunes

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