Nylon string guitar by Indiginus.

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The Renaxxance


The timeless sound of the nylon string guitar is found in almost every style of music, from Rock to Jazz, Latin to Country, Middle Eastern to Classical. Renaxxance lets you explore this world in a unique and expressive virtual instrument.

A note from Elias Software

Before the compact disc entered games, MIDI was widely used due to the superior adaptiveness over audio. When audio completely took over we entered “the dark ages” of adaptive game music. With Elias we could finally have adaptive game music again. This time with real audio. Nevertheless, MIDI will always be more adaptive than audio, so the aim for for us at Elias was to solve two problems with MIDI:

  1.     The licensing of sound banks.
  2.     The inadequate sound quality compared to audio.

The two above are solved. A publishing license with Elias will cover all license for using the sounds in a game, and having the best sound providers on board makes the MIDI tracks sound as good as the audio tracks.

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