What is Project Harmony?

Project Harmony is our upcoming middleware for game audio. It will revolutionize the workflow and creative possibilities for game audio creators, implementers and developers everywhere.

Bringing back control

Our node based authoring tool lets the audio team create their own logic right in the tool that is made for them. This cuts out tremendous amounts of dependencies, reduces the need for code support and allows the audio team to be more creative and create more dynamic solutions then ever before.

Realtime, baby!

Project Harmony is 100% realtime. This means that all changes and modifications are propagated to your game in real time. No more export, import and reload just to hear if your adjustments work. This applies to everything from mixing changes to hot swapping audio files in memory.

API and in engine tools

Besides our authoring tool and sound engine we also supply a rock solid and easy to use API. The API allows you to hook up your own tools at any point in the Project Harmony chain. We also provide some prebuilt custom tools that help you with (for example) quick and precise zoning, occlusion and obstruction. 

Adaptive music

As a starting point Project Harmony runs side by side with our world renown adaptive music engine (Elias 3). Our aim is to merge these two tools in the near future, bringing the control of Project Harmony to adaptive music as well. The possibilities here are mind boggling to say the least!


Our aim is to provide a public beta some time during 2021. Further details will be shared as soon as possible.

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