Summer Release 2021

Introducing Project Harmony

Together with an update to the world-renowned adaptive music engine, Elias 3, we are now releasing the first public beta of our completely new sound engine, Project Harmony!

To get your creative juices flowing we’ve also made a demo game for you to try it all out.

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Project Harmony

It’s public! You can now download and try our brand new sound engine yourself. In this beta you can create intricate audio systems, including logic, that are all editable in real-time.

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Elias 3.3

In the latest update of every game composers favorite tool we’ve updated the stinger system to give you even more control. It’s now possible to stop and start stingers to build more agile systems.

The Theater

The Theatre is a game that is also a playground for Elias 3.3 and Project Harmony. Learn and get ideas from our implementations or experiment with your own! Currently Unreal only.

Screenshot from the harbor

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