Release of Elias – the Music Engine that Aims to Revolutionize the Gaming Industry

elias adaptive music

The Stockholm-based start-up Elias has, under the radar, created a music engine that is going to revolutionize TV and video game music. After two years of quietly fine-tuning and over 11 million Swedish kronor in external financing, the founders have now chosen to unveil the specifics of their little-known company.

The gaming industry continues to grow at high speed, a fact which has made it one of the world’s hottest and fastest growing industries. In Sweden alone, video games have a turnover of over 12 billion Swedish kronor, according to statistics collected by the industry association Dataspelsbranschen. In spite of this, TV and video game music has an unfortunate association with irritating sound effects and repetitive loop tracks. That is something that the software company Elias has been working hard to change over the past two years.

Elias has developed a revolutionary music engine for games that combines interactivity with high quality music. Elias Engine, which is currently in the process of being patented, provides the player with an immersive and personalized gaming experience that adapts precisely to how that particular individual chooses to play. Due to its artificial intelligence, the engine ”listens” ahead and adapts to every change and shift in order to make the most optimal musical transition possible.

“Every player has their own unique method of playing. We’re proud to have, for the first time in game industry history, managed to create a more personal experience in which the player can enjoy something that’s like their own soundtrack based on their particular way of playing”, says Kristofer Eng, co-founder and Product Manager at Elias.

Kristofer Eng is a composer and music veteran who has been composing for over 25 years, of which the most recent years have been dedicated to the video game industry. Since the age of 18, Kristofer has written original music for over 40 productions. Alongside co-founder and Technical Manager; Philip Bennefall, Elias was started and now has 8 employees. Philip, who is blind from birth, has a long history within the video game industry and developed his first audio game at the age of 12.

Elias has worked in close partnership with game studios such as Avalanche Studios and has, amongst others, been used as the music engine in the game Gauntlet by Arrowhead and Warner Bros.
Furthermore, Elias has support from a number of industry veterans such as Jason Graves, Garry Schyman and Chanel Summers.

So far, Elias has taken in over 11 million Swedish kronor in investments in order to develop their music engine. The company is backed by a handful of high-profiles within IT, music and gaming; among them Grammy-winning musician Andreas Kleerup. Now the venture capital company Wellstreet have joined the impressive group of backers behind Elias.

“We’re targeting game developers and composers who want to take their games to the next level and also provide the player with the additional value of a more personalised and dynamic gaming experience”, comments Kristofer Eng and continues:

“We represent a paradigm shift for adaptive music in the gaming industry. Elias is not only used to save time and money, but also for its simplicity and professional handling of music.  In the same way that film music has become a natural element of the entire viewing experience, we want to set the same standard for music in games”, he concludes.

Elias is currently in negotiations with some of the world’s leading game studios.


Press photo:
Pictured: Founders Philip Bennefall (L) and Kristofer Eng (R)
Photographer: Annika Falkuggla

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