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The Theater

This is our demo game that showcases Elias Studio and Project Harmony. Use it to learn, explore and try out the latest versions of our tools.

The Theater is currently only available for Unreal 4.26.

The Theater is an ever growing playground for Elias Studio and Project Harmony. With it’s many different elements it’s the perfect place to check out how we’ve implemented sound and music, or for you to try out your own ideas.

About the game

You spawn in a theater lobby and as you look around you can see a bunch of stages. On the stages different worlds has been built, and as you walk closer you see that you can actually enter the worlds and interact with them. Exiting!

The Harbor

The objective of The Harbor stage is to collect a treasure from the bottom of the sea and bring it back to the trophy case in the lobby. To make your way through this quaint seaside town you first need to play a game of dice against a gnarly pirate!

This level shows an excellent implementation of the stinger system in Elias Studio. As you walk through the level you’ll be guided by a singing bard (!!!) that adapts his singing to what you are doing and what you currently need. We think this might be the world’s first interactive in-game bard.

The Jungle

In The Jungle (the mighty juuungle) you need to find the golden statue and bring it back to the trophy case in the lobby. There is a problem how ever – you can’t reach it with out solving our tricky puzzle! First you need to find a hidden lever, and to reach the lever you need to spell out the name of the world’s greatest game audio company. What could it be?

This level will show you some nice reverb, a lovely weather system and some amazing adaptive music with both subtle and bombastic shifts. The whole thing might be a tiny bit inspired by a whipping archaeologist.

The Storm

This is by far the most windy of the three stages! What also makes this stage unique is that it absolutely has no objective or gameplay. It’s just a cabin set in a winter storm. It doesn’t even have music, and the level is quite small compared to the other two. Sooo, why is it there?

Basically we wanted a nice place to play around with our zoning tool and occlusion system. And what could be better than a small cabin with a storm outside and a crackling fire inside? 


To be able to see and edit the sound and music implementation you need to download Elias Studio and Project Harmony Beta. They are both available for free via the links below.

To be able to run the project you also need Unreal Engine 4 which is also available for free, and last but not least you need a set of speakers or headphones.

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Get The Theater

Download The Theater for Unreal 4.26 below

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Before the download starts, we would like to know a litte more about you.

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