Elias 3.2 is Out Now

The update is available in My Account, as usual.

Elias Studio

  • Added undo and redo.
  • Added a “duplicate track” function.
  • Added a transition option called “Jump To Bar Uses Theme Fades”.
  • Fixed a bug where starting with a group track selected plays only those tracks.
  • Made it possible to add action presets via the context menu.
  • Changed naming in documentation; “track levels” are now called “level slots”, “variations” are now called “variation slots” and slots in the mixer are now called “bus slots”.
  • Added a delete button to each patch for easier removal of patches.
  • Made it possible to add an action preset by right-clicking and selecting in the context menu.
  • Fixed a bug where several instances of the insert/delete level context menu could be opened at the same time.
  • Other smaller fixes and optimizations.

Elias Devkit – SDK

  • Added a new transition option called elias_transition_option_jump_to_bar_uses_theme_fades which tells the engine to use the theme or project fade settings when jumping to a bar within the same theme (this is true by default).
  • Made some significant performance optimizations in the SFZ player and the general mixer rendering chain.

Elias Devkit – Unreal Plugin

  • Added support for UE4.20

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