New products released and available

We are very proud and excited to announce some new product releases available today for you to download. This is something we have been working on for a while with the aim to make things even better and more user-friendly for game sound designers.

So what’s new?

Elias 3.3 – We have updated the whole stingers system to make it possible to – in a musical way – stop a stinger. We demonstrate this in the new demo level “The Theatre” where you will have your personal Bard guiding you through an adventure with singing. Every time the Bard sings to point you in the right direction it’s perfectly in tune with the rest of the music, even the interruptions of his singing sound live.

Project Harmony Beta 1 – For the last couple of years Elias Software have been developing from the ground up a completely new sound fx engine, which doubles as the housing where the music system will live. A full release is coming in early 2022 but you can get a sneak peek of the workflow right now!

“The Theatre” – A new game demo level where all audio is implemented with an early beta of Project Harmony and works alongside Elias 3. The user can edit their sounds live as they play the game. Try it out and get the picture of this release!

“By gathering knowledge & ideas from clients over the years – and with the collaboration on the Sine Sampler with Orchestral tools – we can develop the next generation tool for composers and sound designers alike.”, says Elias Software CEO Kristofer Eng.

Read more and download here 

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