The future of game audio will be unveiled at GDC with Elias 4

Elias 4 is a brand new, full-fledged audio engine that will be released during GDC. With revolutionary live-editing and visual scripting, it gives full control to sound designers and composers.

We are releasing Elias 4, a full game audio solution that features a revolutionary and intuitive modern workflow with music and audio professionals in mind. Elias’ live-editing and visual scripting means designers can stay in the zone and create.

Previous versions of the Elias audio engine have been used in award-winning games such as A Way Out as well as Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden and Rage 2. Built on the experience of earlier versions, Elias 4 brings more control to the music and audio teams in the creative and implementation process as opposed to relying on programmers and time-consuming technology.

“For way too long, sound designers have been overlooked when it comes to workflow. They have had to rely not only on programmers but on time-consuming and inspiration-killing technology. With Elias 4, we’re starting an era where we give the control back into the hands of creators. The experts.” Kristofer Eng, CEO and Co-founder said.

According to Valheim Composer Patrik Jarlestam, the new audio engine is welcomed news for those creating video games today.

“Having worked with Elias on several projects and knowing how easy it is to organise my musical thoughts with the software, I’m really looking forward to how nice it will be to have Elias 4 handle sound effects in an intuitive way as well,” Jarlestam said.

Elias 4 will officially launch to the public on March 23 at GDC. If you would like to meet the team behind Elias 4 during the event, you can find the expo booth S1235 located next to the Game Audio Community Space.

Elias 4 features:

LIVE EDITING – Update, add, or remove anything and hear the changes instantly in your currently running play session, without the need to restart.

VISUAL SCRIPTING – Create logic within the authoring tool instead of adding unnecessary middle layers.

HOTSWAP ASSETS – Replace or add new audio files and other assets and hear the changes instantly in your currently running play session without the need to restart.

TRUE ADAPTIVE MUSIC TECHNOLOGY – Allows your music to adapt musically to every player’s unique gameplay style, as if you wrote a soundtrack just for them.

FUTURE PROOF – Use our existing plugins for Unity & Unreal or build your own with our amazing API.

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