About Elias Software

Elias Software is the leading innovator of game sound and music technology. We build tools that help audio teams, composers and game developers create and deliver aural experiences at peak performance. Together with the game developer community we aim to create the No.1 audio engine for all technologies, experiences and platforms.

What we do

Our main mission is to provide the best tools in the world for creating adaptive music and interactive sound design for video games. We do this by developing Elias 4.

Who we are

Since 2014 we’ve had our base is in Stockholm, but our rapidly growing team is spread around the world. We are a bunch of developers, UX designers, product designers, HR, account managers and support staff in a overlapping and agile mix. Most of us also have a background in music, sound design and/or games. We are currently hiring! Would you like to join?

A bit of history

The seeds for Elias came to be when composer and musician Kristofer Eng (who also happens to be our CEO) got to the end of the rope with how his and others music was being executed in video games. A realization was made; It doesn’t matter how good music you write if the run-time rendering is merely fading between files in a non musical way.  Some quick research showed that he wasn’t alone in his frustration. Composers, games and developers were all feeling it. He began working on a solution to the problem over the course of several months, asking for feedback from various game developers and music professionals along the way.

The initial idea was a concept where the music would not simply be comprised of static loops or a few stems, but split up into layered parts in order to make it possible to really adapt the composition in real time. Kristofer called in seasoned C++ programmer and audio engineer Philip Bennefall who started working on a prototype.  Roughly one year after the initial prototype saw the light of day, version 1.0 of the engine was finished and the rest is, as you say, history.

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