ELIAS Composer Contest


Are you a game composer? Do you have experience in writing adaptive game music?
Then YOU are the one we’re looking for!

We at ELIAS Software are eager to hear what composers out in the world are creating with our tool, which is why we decided to have a little friendly competition in the name of creativity. What we’re asking for is simple: we want you to compose an adaptive score for a story (outlined below) using ELIAS Composer’s Studio. The genre is not important – metal/rock, hybrid orchestra, chiptunes or whatever – the choice is yours!

Here’s the story, which will hopefully serve as good inspiration for you:

You’re war-weary; it’s been a long time since you strapped on your scabbard and marched to the beat of war drums and you wish you could hang up your sword for good.

A part of you, however, is eager to rejoin the ranks, and as you take your first steps on that old road, you can’t deny feeling a pang of longing. As your travel further North, the air chills and the countryside is eerily silent. You sense death here and your heart hammers in your chest. The old watchtower up ahead – the carrion are thick here and you avert your eyes as you pass by, but you can’t ignore the smell of fresh blood. As you’re attempts to kindle a fire in the icy night fail, voices come to you on the wind – a strange laughing comes from the trees and your disquiet grows into real terror.

Suddenly, beyond the bank of the trees, a shadow displaces itself from the dark night and approaches you, it’s footfalls thunderous and inevitable. You can feel your pulse racing as you unsheath your sword – a mix of fear and anticipation. The enemy, ancient and terrible looms before you – a spear in his grip and a grin on his lips – you’ve both been waiting for this moment without fully realising it.

As the full moon reaches its zenith, your enemy strikes without warning and though you manage to parry, the blow sends shockwaves up through your arm. He is strong but so are you – you thrust your sword forward but the metal only glances his armoured chest and his laughter fills the air with contempt. Your next blow seems to have been blessed by the gods, however as you find a weak spot and drive your longsword down to the hilt in the creature’s side. His eyes darken as his black soul flees and as he falls dead to the ground – through your triumph you hear more voices and the steady, awful rhythm of war drums. This won’t be your last fight tonight.

How to use ELIAS Composer’s Studio

In order to be eligible for this contest, you must download the ELIAS Composer’s Studio and arrange your composition using it. In order for you to learn how to use it, we have made these handy video tutorials to help you get started. We also recommend you download the Objective Theme Demo so you get an idea of what kind of progression between trigger levels within the composition we would like to have from you.

The Prize

  • 1st place: $1000 USD and a place in our team of composers. The winning theme will be sold in our theme store. A feature about the winner on our website in our article series “Meet the Composers”.
  • 2nd place: $500 USD and the theme will be sold in our theme store.
  • 3rd place: $500 USD and the theme will be sold in our theme store.


The winners will receive 10% royalty on all sales of their respective themes in our theme store.


We need your submission of the Basic Theme on 19 October 2015. Out of all the themes submitted, we will choose ten compositions based on how well they fit the story as well as musicality, sound quality and adaptivity. Those ten will then need to be completed (see requirements below) and made into full ELIAS Themes in order to have the chance to compete for the grand prize. The Full Theme will need to be submitted by 26 October 2015. The winner will be presented on 30 October 2015.


Basic theme requirements:

  • A minimum of ten (10) trigger levels
  • Use four (4) stems/tracks: i.e. chords, melody, percussion, bass
  • Two (2) stingers: Level Complete and Game Over

Full theme requirements:

  • Twenty (20) trigger levels
  • Four (4) stems
  • Five (5) stingers: Level Complete, Game Over, Respawn, To High* and To Low*


* To High and To Low means that those are pickup stingers that will be used when you’re making a drastic jump from a low musical intensity to high and vice versa.

Delivery Instructions

Once you have created the them go to File > Export Delivery Package. Choose Ogg as audio format and use bitrate 128 kbit/s. Send the resulting Zip-archive to kristofer.eng[at]eliassoftware.com using WeTransfer.

Need Help?

If you get stuck, check out the user manual included in the Composer’s Studio. You can also get in touch with us directly at support[at]eliassoftware.com.

Good luck! We look forward to hearing the music!


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