Elias Studio 3

The Elias Studio is game composer’s tool for intuitively arranging adaptive music scores with unrivaled ease of use. You arrange your pre-recorded music files and decide how the music will transition in the game. With this tool, the composer can have complete control of the game soundtrack, and make everything ready for the game developer.

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Shiny Elias

For Composers By Composers

The Elias Studio is the tool where composers arrange their adaptive music score. With its familiar DAW-like interface, composers have a comfortable environment to work in. With the ability to pre-configure chains of musical events, you can have complete control of the game soundtrack.

To get started, download and explore the Elias Demo Soundtrack from the link below. Refer to the Quick GuideUser Manual and Tutorials for detailed information.


We know all games and game developers are unique, and we realize that no one license model fits everyone. We want to understand your game and your needs, so please contact us for an individualized quote.


We have put together a user manual, a quick guide and a collection of tutorials to get you started with Elias right away. Feel also free to explore our demo project showcasing what you can do in Elias Studio (For non-commercial use only).


1. Getting started - Quick Guide
2. Elias Studio Introduction
3. What’s New in Elias 3

Assets for Elias Studio

Explore all of our premium assets for Elias Studio. We have a variety of sound libraries that have been optimized for use in games. We also offer a wide range of ready-to-use, royalty-free soundtracks to use in your games.

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