Classical Harp



Elias Classical Harp is made for the Elias adaptive music system and works in Elias Engine, Elias Studio and Elias Sampler.

  • Harpist – Margareta Nilsson
  • Producer – Kristofer Eng
  • Engineer – Per Hallman
  • Patch Builder – Martin Barreby

The Elias Classical Harp is a wonderful Harp played by Margareta Nilsson. It was recorded in the one-of-a-kind room in Relayer Studios by engineer Per Hallman. With articulations covering all classical techniques as well as techniques specifically made for other styles like folk, world or unworldly environments; this is your go-to Harp for any scenario.


All articulations come with three different mic positions: Close, Room and Tree. Each mic position is loaded separately so you have full control of which samples are loaded and which are not. All articulations, except for glissandos, can be muted with the sustain pedal.

  • Harp Normal
  • Harp Nails
  • Harp Flageolet
  • Harp SB Nails (Playing close to sound board)
  • Harp SB Normal (Playing close to sound board)
  • Harp Glissando:

There are different patches for each different kind of scale/chord recorded and there are four different movements/direct of the glissandos:

  • Major
    • Up then down: G#1-F#2
    • Down then up: G2-F#3
    • Up: G3-F#4
    • Down G4-C6
  • Minor
    • Up then down: G#1-G2
    • Down then up: G#2-G3
    • Up: G#3-G4
    • Down: G#4-C6
  • Diminish
    • Up then down: G#1-G2
    • Down then up: G#2-G3
    • Up: G#3-G4
    • Down: G#4-C6
  • Pentatonic
    • Up then down: G#1-G2
    • Down then up: G#2-G3
    • Up: G#3-G4
    • Down: G#4-C6
  • Whole
    • Up then down: G#1-G#2
    • Down then up: A2-G#3
    • Up: A3-G#4
    • Down: A4-C6
  • Mixed Scales
    • Up then down: G#1-C2 and C#2-F2
    • Down then up: F#2-A#2 and B2-F3
    • Up: F#3-A#3 and B3-F4
    • Down: F#4-A#4 and B4-F5

The harp uses long samples, and usually if you play the same note repeatedly, they will stack and have many voices playing at the same time. To make this instrument lighter to run for games, we use a function that will fade out overlapping notes to save memory and number of voices playing at the same time.

Walkthrough video of the Elias Classical Harp.

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