Lennart Eng's Church Organ



Lennar Eng’s Church Organ is made for the Elias adaptive music system and works in Elias Engine, Elias Studio and Elias Sampler for DAWs.

Lennart Engs Church Organ is a deep sampled Swedish pipe organ . It first appeared in the video game “It takes two” where it had a very big role in the music level. In this Elias Instrument release you get an organ that not only has unbeatable realism and playability useful in any media, but it’s also the ONLY pipe organ in the world that can be used live in games.

Lennart Eng (born 1945) is an Organist and pianist from Färila up north in Sweden. Apart from being the Organist, choir director etc. in Färila församling he is also the concert pianist in the Swedish Jussi Björling society and has a long career as a record producer with over 70 albums. The things Lennart Eng doesn’t know about pipe organs  isn’t worth knowing. His impact on this recording with all the registers and know-how about perfect spots for mike positions was crucial for making this organ library.

Producer: Kristofer Eng

Musician: Lennart Eng

At site engineer: Philip Ericsson

Assisting engineers: Gustaf Grefberg & Kristofer Eng

Patch builder: Martin Barreby

Important: Keep the file structure within the folder unchanged so the patches can always locate the files.



  • Corno
  • Flute Harmonic
  • Gamba
  • Manual Tutti
  • Principal
  • Principal Mixture
  • Vox Combo
  • Dynamic Principal to Tutti – Use mod wheel (CC1) to fade between different organ settings within the same patch.
  • Mega Flute
  • Mega Trumpet
  • Pedal Plenum
  • Sub Bass
  • Tutti Pedal



  • Long
  • Staccato


Mic positions

When combining mic positions, load them into the Elias Sampler for DAWs or to a generator in the Elias Studio and assign them to the same midi channel.

  • Close Front
  • Inside Close
  • M10 Stereo Far
  • ORTF Close
  • Shotgun Far
  • Close Back Surround
  • Close Front Surround

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