Jason Graves


Tomb Raider / Until Dawn / Far Cry Primal

You know, what was really cool is how I knew nothing about [Elias] but as soon as I saw it, within half a second I understood exactly how it was laid out. It was like the best of three different kinds of software that I use all rolled in to one, but all for the purpose of interactive music. And that’s the missing link! All these music DAWs are great, the interactive implication DAWs like Wwise and things are great, but there’s no bridge. And as a composer who wants to spend more time thinking about music and less time about how to implement it – this is going to be the godsend

“Wow, oh my gosh – so amazing! Like, the potential that this product has – the sky is the limit. I’m very excited for the future.”

Chanel Summers

Syndicate 17 Founder

Penka Kouneva


Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands

I think it’s fantastic and I’ll explain why: in 2009 I had the job of composing two hours of interactive music for Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia. Ubisoft is known for a very compicated interactive system. At the time I had to create the methodology that was cerebral, it was purely in my head – I had to imagine how the different layers would sound separately and together, because this was my assignment. And it was a very labor intensive process trying to imagine with my inner ear what the music would sound like. And today when I watched what ELIAS does, I see everything I was trying so hard to imagine – it’s just right there. It gives you that instant ability to check interactivity, and to be creative and imaginative, and compose interactive music with the tool. So instead of trying to imagine in my head what it’s going to sound like, I can actually test it and try it out for real. I can’t wait to use it.

What I saw looked very impressive; it looked intuitive, and it looked like something I’m going to go download when I get done with GDC and check it out!

Chance Thomas


DOTA 2 / Lord of the Rings Online

Garry Schyman


Bioshock Series / Shadow of Mordor

“It looks fascinating. It looks absolutely, from a composer’s standpoint and I think from an implementer’s standpoint, I think this could be really, really a key plugin for anybody writing music or implementing music in a game.”

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